In early 1920’s Shafi Mallhi started working in a leather Football unit, in the famous city of Sialkot as an apprentice. Shafi had a passion to grow and create, Soon his elder son grew to the age to help him in making his earnings. Shafi’s son used to work with him in the day times and used to study in the evening as he had an urge to know the things that he knew not.

The dial of time did not stop and Shafi with his family, shifted to his own business in the city of Iqbal in year 1927 with a hope of better earnings.

Here his son, Ikram Mallhi, grew enough to take the responsibility of running the family business almost single handedly. Ikram started working in the sports industry and with the passing time, the experience, and the challenges; the nature crafted him to a master of his field and he became famous in very early age as a perfect manufacturer and craftsman.