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Message From The CEO (Mr. Amer Mallhi)
”Our mission is to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY products with the ultimate customers’ satisfaction. Also we believe in continuous improvement both in quality as well as in workmanship, hence-fore every single individual is continuously trained to strive for EXCELLENCE in QUALITY at MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD.”

MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD. has strength of more than 850 skilled workers, engineers, technicians and co-workers and all of the strength is always striving for the improvement in quality to approach excellence yet at the most economical and affordable prices. At MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD. every individual is really devoted and dedicated to perform at the highest level of efficiency.

“At MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD. we are using the highly automated machinery to approach the maximum level of uniformity in our production lots, yet we never forget the famous saying ’ITS NOT THE MACHINE IT’S THE MAN BEHIND THE MACHINE WHO OPERATES THE MACHINE. We are always treasuring the experience of our skilled workers as the PRECIOUS most asset of MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD. since it's our collective urge which is leading us to the ways of SUCCESS”

At MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD. most sophisticated and highly automated machinery has been used by the most competent persons to get the highest level of uniformity and conformity.

MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD. has a unique and tremendous area of about 120000 sq.ft. in the most commercial and industrialized area of the town.

At MALLHI SPORTS PVT. LTD. we are working under the most conducive atmosphere meeting all the requirements of ISO9000 and CE Marking to provide the maximum ease in production and highest level of traceability for each and every single product manufactured.

We want to publish our vision to our customers round the globe and that is to manufacture and provide quality products for all, yet at the most competitive rates with the optimum level of satisfaction.

I believe that growth has no end, and to materialize my dreams of becoming the " Celebrity Icon of the Sports Industry I have plans to establish my business setups in Europe, Australia, Canada, Middle-East, Africa and America.